Immediate saving without investing

The need to switch to LED has arrived in society and is worthwhile financially as well as ecologically. To this end, the EU has passed numerous regulations to promote the switch to this efficient lighting technology.

At first glance, the higher acquisition costs are a deterrent. This leads to reaching for unsuitable cheap products, which, however, counteract the intended development.

Flexible rental concept

The flexible GLT rental concept offers B2B customers financing solutions for an immediate change to efficient and sustainable LED lighting without tying up capital. The customer can book the changeover as capital as well as operating costs by either concluding a rental agreement with a fixed term of 5 years or a rental agreement for an indefinite period with a notice period of 9 months at the end of a quarter. Viewing lighting as an operating cost has an immediate positive effect on the company's bottom line.

Immediate savings possible

In any case, the advantage is an immediate saving of up to 60% of the lighting costs as well as an ecological contribution through the reduction of 80% of the energy costs and 80% of the CO2 emissions compared to conventional lighting.

Calculate your savings potential here: German LED Tech CalculatorGerman LED Tech Calculator